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Medical Transcription Outsourcing
Wish to organize physician’s handwritten notes and prescriptions in electronic documents without spending a fortune? An outsourced medical transcription service is the ideal solution for you. Outsourcing also helps you concentrate on your core, what you do best taking care of your patients. 
This article is a guide to hiring a medical transcription service. All medical facilities require computerization of medical notes for clean and compact record keeping, insurance claims processing, a quick reference, conferencing and various numerous reasons. Hospitals and clinics have for ages been hiring full-time transcribers to do the same. However, this is an expensive option and not the perfect solution if you have got a varying volume of transcription needs. 

Additionally, you can give transcription tasks to other clerical staff or use voice recognition software. But these solutions can be very inaccurate, putting the health of your patients at stake. Your clerical staff might not be well trained for medical transcription and accuracy of voice recognition usually is too low to be useful. A medical transcription service gives you the best combination of expense, quality, and accuracy. How does a medical transcription service work? Physicians dictate their notes into a recording device, usually a toll-free phone line or hand-held digital recorder. Most medical transcription services support both these methods. 

Some services also accept recorded cassettes. Mp3 is the preferred sound format when using digital recorders, though other formats may also be used. The recorded info is then sent to the medical transcription service provider. Your patient’s personal info should not be leaked out at any cost. Digital recordings are submitted via the Internet. This could be done utilizing a secure website and file transfer protocol using custom software from the provider, or through encrypted email. Delivery methods include secure sites, FTP, custom software, encrypted e-mail and in several cases fax. More comprehensive medical transcription services are also available. They offer an online system that store both the audio files and transcripts, organizes them by date, physician, or patient, and keeps track of progress as they are being transcribed. 

These services are less affordable but offer substantial management benefits. Important Considerations – Accuracy: The returned work must have accuracy close to 100 percent. Select a medical transcription service that employs experienced and qualified medical transcriptionist and quality assurance professionals who review the transcriptions before delivering them to you. Your physicians should review and evaluate each transcript on delivery to prevent any harm to your patient’s health and well being. Turnaround Time: It pertains to the maximum time within which medical transcripts will be delivered to you after submitting the audio recordings. Most medical transcription services offer a response time of 24 to 48 hours. Most also include a STAT service that permits you to specify a turnaround time of one-, two- or 4 hours at an additional cost.

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