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How To Get A Remote Nursing Job
Demand for nurses is on the rise. With the ongoing and increased need for nursing care required for the aging baby boomer population, growing rates of chronic conditions, and continuously needed preventative care, the nursing profession is likely to continue to grow. In accordance with the most latest U.S. Department of Labor jobs report on the nursing field, the 2017 median pay for a registered nurse was $70, 000 annually and $33.65 per hour, making this lucrative career to embark on. Employment for registered nurses is projected to grow 15% from 2016 to 2026. This increase in the nursing profession has opened several distant places requiring nursing credentials. 

Remote work means you could work from your home or have work flexibility to do a part of the job remotely. Therefore, what do you need to know on how to assemble get a remote nursing job? Follow these guidelines about how to get a nurse job remotely: 

1. Select particular keywords to refine your search. Using the Advanced Search, work on, narrow your search by including remote work terminology, such as a virtual, telecommute, work from home, remote, online, teletherapy, or telehealth, in addition to your ideal nursing title. For example, search remote nurse, or work from home RN, to expose available active job postings. 
Currently available remote nursing tasks at Jobspectator include nurse case manager, nurse liaison, RN case manager II, clinical denials nurse, patient care manager IV, RN telephone manager RN, and more. 
2. Research suitable companies. The next step in locating a remote nursing position is to research appropriate companies which probably to offer nursing careers. On Jobspectator you can click on Research Companies, to find all companies available. Conducting some research will assist you in finding that companies are looking to employ or have hired remote nurses. 
One other Good place to look is your Jobspectator blog where one can read articles like 25 Companies with the most flexible medical and health fields., Use the search function to enter search terms and phrases such as medical jobs, or nursing jobs, to locate useful blog posts on how to get a remote nursing job. Polish your remote work skills. You may be concerned about finding a remote nursing position if you do not have any remote work experience.

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