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Tips For Landing Your First Nursing Job – Even With No Experience
Getting your RN license was one of the greatest achievements. Now it is time to enter the nursing profession. Getting started could be a little overwhelming at first because there are plenty of career avenues to explore – but that is a good thing. Being a RN opens many career doors for you, and once you begin putting some job experience on your resume, the possibilities are limitless. But you’ve to start somewhere. Here is a game-plan for finding, applying for, and landing your first nursing job. Finding the right jobs for you – Obviously you know that you wish to work as a nurse, but there is a variety of several types of nursing jobs on there.

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Here are a few places where employment opportunities can be available: Area hospitals – Clinics – Nursing facilities, residential care providers, or Rehabilitation Centers – medical health Insurance Companies – Travel nursing agencies – Home healthcare agencies – Local Government Agencies – Overcoming the lack of experience – Like you start your search, you might notice that many posts require many years of experience. You might be wondering how to gain this experience. The career center at your nursing school might partner with local hospitals at employ new graduates so be sure you check with them for opportunities. You might also wish to look at internship or job shadowing programs. (Rn grad jobs)

Even when you feel overqualified for these positions, it is a terrific way to network and show potential employers what a great employee you’re. Another option available to nurses with little experience is temporary, on call positions. Since on call or per diem nurses are necessary due to staff shortage, you might find that they require less experience and might enable you to work in your specialty or location you actually want to be in. Looking for the right job openings – Once you’ve an idea of the kind of the position you want and where you wish to work, you can start searching for specific posts. Many career experts advise new nurses to conduct targeted job searches through employment tips specific to your area of expertise.

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